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It’s not just office businesses who come to us for brightening up their working environment. We get calls from other establishments too, in particular hotels and restaurants. Our beautiful vinyl wall graphics sets any customer-facing business apart from its competitors. Customers, as well as staff, feel far more comfortable in a place that has pleasing decor.

There’s no limit to what we can display as a vinyl wall graphic. If you own a seafood restaurant, why not let us design a pattern of swimming octopi, or one large window graphic of a red lobster. The graphics can be photographic or illustrative – you decide. Promote your brand to your customers, or add your top menus, funny food quotes, or interesting facts about the dishes you serve. A hotel might like to display famous local landmarks on its lobby walls, or a cheery welcome message to its guests. We can make inspiring wall graphics to any size and colors.

Let our credentialed graphics designers render your vision on the screen first. We won’t rush a design or take shortcuts if it means the final design isn’t exactly how you envisioned it.  We can faithfully replicate your brand colors and fonts, as well as logos and motifs. Only once you’re satisfied with the final proof will we start to print the graphics on vinyl. Usually, we find that matte designs look more effective than gloss or semi-gloss. Installation is easy; just make sure painted walls have a smooth finish for the best effect.

By using our vinyl graphics, you can transform any customer-facing business into a wannabe art gallery. Add a touch of class to your establishment with color illustrations that reflect the food you serve or the luxurious comfort you provide. This will enhance your customer service and your staff will appreciate their bright new working space. Beautiful copperplate text can even convey your mission statement, standards, and core values. These will help align customers’ expectations to your brand. Create a place where both staff and customers want to be, and watch your business grow.

Our design team at Be Bold Sign Studio is always eager to discuss the ideas and vision you have for your business. You can call Andrea during business hours on 678-520-1029, or Burton on 703-231-1241. Both have extensive graphic design experience and can help you revitalize your business interior to bring in lots more custom. Alternatively, email us at and look out for our quick response.


Written by: Be Bold Sign Studio